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Leading supplier of quality beauty supplies and salon equipment

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    The Beecher Group is the largest seller of Collins salon equipment, America’s finest salon equipment manufacturer.  Collins is located in Cookeville, TN and manufactures quality salon equipment that provides the greatest value you can buy.  Salon equipment of such quality comes with the longest warranties in our industry.  Buy with the confidence that comes from buying the longest lasting beauty salon equipment at the lowest price.

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    Salon Equipment

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    It is The Beecher Group’s intent to help you to create the salon environment that reflects your personality, creativity and makes you proud to greet your clients.  To help you reach that goal, we have reached out to suppliers “outside the box of salon equipment companies” to offer you unique ideas.  Browse our special Salon Decor New Idea Section

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American & European Quality Salon Equipment and Barber Equipment
Is the cheapest equipment imported from overseas really a better value than American made equipment that will last as long as you are in business.  That is not a question.  It is a statement.  YES our American made equipment is the best value you will find.  Quality built and backed with the longest warranties.  Buy the finest equipment and you will not regret the investment you have made. It will be a decision you will never regret.


As Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of our country famously said The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten€“.

Don’t be like this customer: (Actual review from a web site selling imported Chinese salon equipment:  If i could give zero stars i would. First of all, i ordered these chairs and  received them on June 20th, put them together on June 25th, and started  using them on july 1st. The chair made funny noises from day one, but i  read that they would settle so i didn’t think anything of it. Well on  july 27th when i would turn my clients i noticed that it would lean one way or the other. I tried to fix it myself and also had my husband try taking it apart and putting it back together and it still wasn’t right.  On July 29th i submitted a request to return it, and was told i was  outside of my 30 day warranty and to take it apart and try it different  ways and i did, again. Later she decided she would send me pieces to try and fix it. And by this time my other chair started leaning forward.  LESS THAN 3 MONTHS LATER THEY BOTH BROKE. At this point i don’t want a  million pieces sent to me, i don’t want these poor quality chairs anymore and unfortunately since it was NINE DAYS outside of my warranty i am  just out the money and these chairs will be out outside with the trash  where they belong. She also told me well "how much do your clients  weigh?" How incredibly rude. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE CHAIRS. They are  cheaply made and very unbalanced chairs.

Welcome to Iowa Beauty & Barber Supply, affiliated with THE BEECHER GROUP.
The Beecher Group is a major distributor and importer of Professional Hair Color, Spa & Salon Equipment, Beauty and Spa supplies, and Salon Management Software. The array of beauty salon equipment we offer is among the broadest you will find anywhere.  Since we are a direct importer and direct seller, you will find our prices to be incredibly low on the finest salon furnishings available. You can trust Iowa Beauty Supply to keep your salon business running smoothly and efficiently.

Ask for our free catalog full of salon supplies ranging from American Salon Equipment, European Salon Equipment, to Spa Equipment.  Each full color salon supplies catalog is completely priced for your convenience. 
Need help designing your salon or spa?  Our salon and spa experts will lay out your floor plan for your salon. This ensures maximum use of the space that you have in order to help you incorporate new services. With our expert salon help, you can easily expand to offer services like: hair color centers, spa/massage rooms for couples, whirlpool foot spas, and more. This complimentary service ensures a perfect result and the salon of your dreams.

Our Iowa Beauty resources are tremendous.  If you don't see exactly what you want, we will have the salon equipment custom built exactly to your specifications. We make the task of creating a new salon an enjoyable experience.
 Our business divisions include:
ArtegoUSA - World's finest professional haircolor.  Save 60-70% by buying direct from the importer
A full-service beauty & barber supply company servicing salons nationwide
A European import division with the most impressive salon and spa furnishings available
An American equipment division with the widest array of quality salon & spa equipment at the very lowest prices
A spa division staffed with an expert in the field to help you with spa equipment & consumables
A small electric division that imports the finest blower dryers from Velecta Paramount Paris
A salon and spa software company
A medical division with specially designed phlebotomy chairs


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