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Image Maker Variable Action Acid Perm

Variable Action Acid

Image MakerVariable Action Acid Perm creates firm, long-lasting, beautifully  conditioned curls, even on multi-porosity hair. Leaves hair healthy-looking and  manageable.
Advanced Waving Lotion - Self-adjusts to ensure  dependable results - even on multi-porosity hair. One processing time for tinted and highlighted hair.
Fixed Timing - Eliminates any chance of  over or under processing. Cationic Conditioners - Keep hair in optimal, more  manageable condition.
Pleasant Fragrance - Leaves hair smelling fresh.
No  Test Curl
No Dryer Needed


Image Maker Exothermic Perm


Image Maker Thermal Control Exothermic Perm helps you create strong,  resilient, true-to-rod size curls on normal, tinted, fine, limp or resistant  hair. Gentle, regulating heat assures even processing, leaving hair in beautiful  condition.
Controlled Thermal Waving Action - Penetrates deep  into hairshaft to create firm, true-to-rod size curls on even the most resistant  hair.
Fixed Timing.


Image Maker Alkaline Perm


Image Maker Texture Design Alkaline Perm

One Formula for Normal, Resistant and Tinted Hair

Variable Action Wave for Firm Conditioned Curls.
Water Wrap for soft conditioned Curl
Lotion Wrap for Firmer Curls with Texture


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