1620 KIVA Dryer Chair
3961 106th Street
Des Moines, IA  50322

Kiva Dryer Chair w/ comfortable and durable urethane arms.

Model 1620D comes with Collins Sol-Air Digital Hair Dryer with the ion generator to create extra shiney hair.

Model 1620J comes with the Jeffco Apollo Digital Hair Dryer.

25.5"W x 32"D with 21.5" between the arms
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Item # Description List Price Our Price
1620 KIVA Dryer Chair 730.00 439.00
1620D KIVA Dryer Chair w/ Sol Aire Hair Dryer 1085.00 649.00
1620J KIVA Dryer Chair w/ Apollo Hair Dryer 1040.00 619.00
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