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We sell exceptionally well-made, quality salon styling chairs with starting prices as low as $199.95.  Take the time to browse our wide selection of salon styling chairs and you will find the salon styling chair you like best, at the price you want.  For faster browsing, we have displayed only the salon styling chairs on the main pages.  Just click on the picture of any salon styling chair to see the whole family of matching salon chairs.  On the family salon chair page, see pictures of other salon chair styles such as dryer chairs, shampoo chairs, even matching stools.  The family salon chair page also has a description of all the styles available in that family and their prices.

Price is important when you make your purchase.  But after the sale, it is quality and service that matter most.  All the equipment we offer is built or assembled by the best American companies.  We partner with these vendors because they have earned their reputations as providers of the finest quality equipment and they will be here when service is required.  The hydraulic pump on a styling chair manufactured by Collins Manufacturing carries a 7 1/2 year warranty.  This warranty is the longest warranty in our industry and is indicative of quality of salon styling chairs manufactured by Collins.  Buy a Collins salon styling chair and your worries are gone replaced by peace of mind.

Through Jeffco Manufacturing, a company recently acquired by Collins Manufacturing, we are able to offer lower priced chairs that have reduced prices because certain parts have been imported.  These salon styling chairs are still backed by a solid American manufacturing company, who will be here for service and provide parts for your equipment when you need it.  Unlike many sellers of cheap, imported equipment, who are here-today-gone-tomorrow, you can count on continued quality and support with Collins/Jeffco.

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