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J30 Java Shampoo Bulkhead

Java Salon Shampoo Bulkhead

The J30 Java Shampoo Bulkhead features a full-width laminated shampoo ledge, upper cabinet with three hinged doors, a tip-out door for clean towels, and lower tip-out soiled towel hamper. 45”W X 10”D X 75”H.

The pictured 8300 ABS bowl is ordered separately. The unit will accommodate any standard side-wash shampoo bowl.

Choose a Standard Color: Black, Fusion Maple, Wild Cherry, or Brighton Walnut. Or, special-order a Custom Color

Laminate on horizontal work-surface, front bowl-mounting surface, tilt-out doors; remainder is thermally-fused mill-laminated material.

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Java Shampoo Bulkhead



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