Betaclar Shampoo
•Targets the two most common scalp and hair conditions; dry, flaky scalp and mineral and product buildup on hair in one product. It exfoliates dry flaky scalp and helps eliminate mineral and product buildup on hair.
•Beta-Hydroxy Acids, 1.8% Salicylic Acid and naturally derived Willow Bark Extract, exfoliates and softens scalp.
•Pro-Vitamin B5 adds moisture and conditions the scalp.
•Chelating agents remove buildup of styling products and excess metal ions found in hard water that can buildup on hair.
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Betaclar Shampoo 7.5 oz 12.00
Betaclar Conditioner
•Conditions and smoothes dry flaky scalp, while nourishing, moisturizing and treating hair.
•100% pure colloidal oatmeal is long recognized and recommended by dermatologists for controlling itching. It will moisturize and smooth a dry flaky scalp.
•Allantoin is known for moisturizing and it's healing properties, renewing moisture to the scalp.
•It will not have an adverse affect on hair. No additional rinsing is needed.
•Hydrolyzed Collagen, with its moisture retention properties, helps to repair and condition damaged hair while improving the body, shine and smoothness of hair.
•Conditioner can be used after chemical process to soothe and smooth the scalp.
Item  Size  Retail Price 
Betaclar Conditioner 7.5 oz. 16.00
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