Cella Backwash with Porcelain Bowl
Popular Backwash Shampoo System with Cella Chair.

Included in JEFFCO QUICK

Features heavy-gage black powder-coated metal chassis for long-life, oversized black porcelain shampoo bowl that tilts, and seat-slide adjusts chair front-to-back.

Black bowl with 570 fixture, spray hose, tilt-mechanism, strainer, drain, and flexible tail stock. The optional 388-ASC Vacuum Breaker is also easily added.

Cella chair upholstery can be Wallaby Black, Charcoal, Chocolate, or Camel; and unit can be ordered with the more economial 8800 ABS bowl.

Units are typically installed on 32" centers with the plumbing coming from the floor.
Item # Name List Price Our Price
619.8700 Cella Backwash with Porcelain Bowl 2070.00 1,239.00