LaCarte 68B Barber Dry Station
Typical Styling Station configuration with tip-out tool panel, five drawers, and two large storage cabinets ... composed of:
6812-32 Anchor Cabinet w/ two drawers, two doors, white solid surface, stainless bottle well, two stainless barbicide holders.

6814-20 Styling Cabinet w/ two drawers, fully-equipped tip-out tool panel, six-outlet power strip, wire grommet. Tool panel has three clipper pockets and holders for blow-dryer, flat-iron, and two curling irons.

6817-20 Utility Cabinet w/ full-width drawer, wire grommet, side-by-side doors, adjustable shelf.

36x72 Wall-Mounted Mirror is ordered separately.
Item # Name List Price Our Price
68B LaCarte 68B Barber Dry Station 4155.00 2,489.00