Quincy Barber Dry Station
QUINCY Barber Station w/ white solid surface countertop, two drawers, two barbicide holders, two blow dryer holders, two clipper pockets, four clipper hooks, and two quad electrical outlets wired on-site by contractor. Barber can work from either or both sides of the chair. 72"W x 21"D x 36"H x 39"H x 75"H.

QUINCY Soffit with T5 Fluorescent lighting, light switch, wire-chase, installation panels, and 36" x 60" mirror. Wired on-site by contractor. Overall Quincy height w/ soffit is 81".
Item # Name List Price Our Price
6805-72 Quincy Barber Dry Station 2960.00 1,779.00
6805-72L Quincy with Laminated work-surface instead of Solid Surface work-surface 2510.00 1,510.00
6806-72 Quincy Soffit with T5 Fluorescent lighting 1200.00 719.00
Collins Quincy Barber Station