E3000 LUMASHINE Infrared Color Processor on casters
If you’re still processing color using a traditional dryer, it’s time to take a look at the LUMASHINE ADVANCED INFRARED PROCESSOR. This processor combines the best features of the traditional dryer with far-infrared technology to perform as one of the best integrated advanced processors available. Available on floor stand with casters or wall-mounted.

Easy to operate yet highly versatile, Lumashine features straightforward time, temperature, fan, and infrared controls to cater to individual client conditions.
The large, dual-hood system protects the client’s hair from the fan and infrared emitters and forces air downward.
Thus, the system reduces upward recirculation air draft and minimizes the need for hair nets.
Gray smoked hoods with articulating neck accommodates for various processes and allows customers easy access in and out.
Telescoping pole assembly for adjustments to varying seated customer heights.
Heavy-duty roller caster base is designed to provide a stable footprint and allow the dryer to be pulled up close to backs of salon seating.

Hood ID: 11.5”
Electrical: 120V, 1000W, 8.33A
Item # Name List Price Our Price
E3000 E3000 LUMASHINE Infrared Color Processor on casters 1680.00 1,344.00