Briggs Barber Dry Station
BRIGGS Barber Station w/ two drawers, barbicide holder, blow dryer holder, clipper pocket, two clipper hooks. Quad electrical outlet wired on-site by contractor. Includes 36" x 60" wall-mounted mirror. 60"W x 21"D x 36"H x 39"H. Order soffit w/ light separately.

6806-60 BRIGGS Wall-Mounted Soffit w/ Grate & T5 Fluorescent Lighting. Lights & On-Off Switch wired on-site by contractor. 60"W x 13"D x 5.25"H.

6809-60 BRIGGS Back-to-Back Barber Station, not pictured. Two identical units, built back-to-back for two barbers. Includes mirrors, soffits, and internal support wall w/ wiring chase & switches. Wired on-site by contractor. The Back-to-Back Briggs measures 60"W x 45"D x 36"H x 39"H x 81"H.
Item # Name Our Price
6807-60 Briggs Barber Dry Station 899.00
6808-60 Briggs Wall-Mounted Soffit w/ Grate & T5 Fluorescent Lighting 479.00
6809-60 BRIGGS Back-to-Back Barber Station 2,459.00

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