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Kadus is a leading European manufacturer of professional salon products.  Please follow this link to visit their comprehensive and information web site, www.kadus.com

Selecta Premium Hair Color

Kadus manufactures the absolute finest hair color in the world. Here is what you will experience when you use Selecta Premium:

  • The results you achieve precisely match the swatch charts, which is why this color is so easy to formulate. 
  • 100% gray coverage each and every time
  • Keratin protein in the developer, strengthens the hair during the coloring process
  • Beautifully, shiny hair that holds it hair color
  • 11 level one-step blondes that eliminate brassiness

Slalom Magnify, Styling Foam, normal, 300 ml
Styling foam – alcohol free. Very mild – especially for chemically treated and stressed hair. For normal hold, long-lasting volume.
For blow-drying, styling, natural-drying or to revitalize curls. Provides natural shine. Easy to brush-out.

Slalom Cool Sparkler, Defining Wax, 125 mlDefining wax, alcohol-free. A kick for all senses: crackles and cools in the hand. Gives hair a real wax-grip effect, natural shine, normal hold.

 For moulding, accentuating, structuring and shaping.

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