Muster Vanities

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323/B Relfex Mirror w/ small shelf w/o footrest

895 Xylo Vanity E469
895S Xylo Vanity w/ Insert below shelf  E504
Both without footrest

304/ASLX Exodus LX Plus Special
Includes insert below shelf w/o footrest

323/C Reflex Mirror with shelf
without footrest  E895

382 Geo  E900
382/S Geo w/ insert at bottom E980
Birch, Mahogany

382/ML  Geo Acrylic  E920
382/MSL Geo Acrylic with insert at bottom  E1002

307/C Showa Vanity w/ shelf E976
307 Showa Vanity  E690
Birch, Mahogany
without footrest

Exodus  E798.00
Birch, mahogany

Exodus L Special 304/LX
Mirror polished aluminum

Optional die-cast aluminum shelf with blower holder  E482.00

#993 Thai Double Vanity
with A shelf as pictured E1360.00
with C shelf (large shelf with built-in blower holder as pictured on #994 Nirvana Vanity) E1530.00

#584 Shadow Footrests optional E149.00

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#994 Nirvana Single Vanity
with A shelf (small shelf as pictured on #993 Thai Double Vanity  E525.00
with C shelf as pictured  E595.00

#581 Gate Footrest optional E249.00

#588/S Shi-So Double Vanity

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Magdalena Lighted Vanity #302
Opaline, Orange, Blue, Red