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New Techniques

European Color Balancing

European Color Balancing is the singular most effective hair coloring
technique you may employ to achieve a "perfect" hair color application.

European Coloring Balancing combines permanent hair color (with ammonia) and color gloss (with NO ammonia) into one application, one process to achieve the shiniest hair color possible.  Using the European Color Balancing technique, permanent hair color with ammonia is only applied to the new growth, the grey hair that requires coverage.  The lengths and ends are refreshed with a matching color gloss.  The two color formulas are taken off together at the completion of processing.

Ammonia degrades hair, not peroxide.  By utilizing a totally non-ammonia color on the hair that has been colored before, the health and shine of the hair is maintained.  The advantage becomes even more apparent on longer hair.  Using traditional methods, the longest lengths of hair may have permanent color (with  ammonia) applied several times.  Each time the hair is degraded, the color fades, and it becomes even more necessary to pull color thru to the ends, which only degrades the hair even more.  It is a downward spiral.

The product that makes this new technique and better results possible is Kadus Fervidol Brilliant Color Gloss.  Fervidol Brilliant also may be used for:

  • Coloring right after a perm
  • a toner after bleaching
  • a semi permanent color gloss

Product Specifications:

  • 3 applications per tube
  • Uses a 3 volume activator
  • Mixed and applied with a color applicator bottle in large
  • Processes 20 minutes (10 minutes following a perm)
  • Available in huge array of 34 shades
  • Available in slate and silver
  • Does not go dark, colors are checked by computer spectragraph analysis
  • Applied to damp, towel-dried hair
  • Lasts 4-6 weeks
  • Covers up to 50% grey hair
  • Creates incredible shine
  • Color Balance with Kadus Selecta Top & Soft Permanent Hair Color or the permanent hair color of your choice

Intro Offer:  Only $219.55
Complete 36 shade (108 applications) Fervidol Brilliant package with activators, applicators, manual, and swatch book

Intro Offer:  Only $499.95
Complete 36 shade (108 applications) Fervidol Brilliant package,
64 shade (128 retouches) Selecta Top & Soft Hair Color package with activators, developers, applicators, manual, and swatch book

For further technical information, call our hair color educators at (800) 247-1660.