Collins 638-42 SideWash Backbar
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Collins 638-32 Shampoo Backbar
Collins 638-32 Shampoo Backbar
Measures: 42”W x 18”D x 78”H
Lock in-place seat slide w/ 6” travel
CB87 Porcelain tilting bowl
Space-saving base cabinet w/ plumbing-access doors
Tip-out soiled towel bin
Full-width backsplash
Overhead towel cabinet w/ 3 hinged doors
Prices starting at $1635.00

Collins QSE 638-42 Shampoo Backbar
Collins QSE 638-42 Shampoo Backbar
TSB 42" Sidewash Shampoo station features the accommodating CB87 Tilting Bowl plus fixtures.

Includes base cabinet w/ plumbing access and tip-out soiled towel bin, plus full-width backsplash, and upper cabinet w/ three hinged doors.

42"W x 18"D x 72"H.

Perfect for the salon that prefers sidewash shampoo, or where plumbing requires sidewash shampoo.
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