Collins Portable Stations
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Collins #310 San Francisco Trolley
Collins #310 San Francisco Trolley
Measures: 12”W x 16”D x 35”H
Locking metal door
5 Removable drawers
”Hot Top” prevents damage from hot irons
Collapsable side ledges
Blow dryer,
Curling irons, or
Color bowl
Best-of-class acrylic casters
Prices starting at $219.00
Collins Kurve Portable Station
Collins #6606-20 Kurve Portable Station
Collins #935-15 Portable Station
Collins 935-15 Amati BC Portable Station
The space-saving and super-efficient Amati BC Portable Station with industrial steel casters. Features two drawers, storage cabinet, pull-out breadboard on side, recessed molded bottle well, holders for blow dryer, clippers, and two curling irons. Unit has utility hook and quad outlet w/ plug. 15"W x 15"D x 37"H.
Prices starting at $915.00
Collins #959-15 ENova CE Portable Station
Collins #959-15 ENova CE Portable Station
Enova CE Portable Station w/ industrial casters. Features pull-out bread-board, two drawers, and tilt-out tool panel w/ six-outlet power strip and holders for blow dryers, clippers, and three curling irons. 15 1/2"W x 15"D x 35"H x 38"H.
Prices starting at $840.00