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We offer a very wide selection of salon shampoo chairs ranging from the most basic all the way up to electrically adjustable shampoo chairs with a kick out legrest.  A standard salon shampoo chair is typically available with either a spring-back recline mechanism or a lever control recline mechanism.  Each type of recline mechanism has its benefits.  With a spring back salon shampoo chair, when your client leans back the chair back reclines.  When your client sits upright, the chair back rises.  A disadvantage of a spring back salon shampoo chair may be that some very small clients may have a difficult time making the chair back recline.  With a lever control salon shampoo chair, you move a lever at the side of the chair to release the back.  The back will stop at any point you wish and hold there.  An advantage of this type of salon shampoo chair is when someone sits in the shampoo chair for example just to process or wait, the back will not move on them and they may sit comfortably back in the shampoo chair.  The seat does not move at all on either the spring back or lever control shampoo chair.  This makes the shampoo chairs very comfortable, especially for larger clients. 

The least expensive shampoo chairs are called “automatic” shampoo chairs.  To recline an automatic shampoo chair, your client must scoot their bottom forward which causes the back to recline. 

Electric salon shampoo chairs are in a class by themselves.  An electric salon shampoo chair adjusts vertically with the push of a button.  By adjusting the height of the chair to the individual height of your client versus the neck of your shampoo bowl, you make your client the most comfortable they can be while at the shampoo bowl.  Electric shampoo chairs also include a manually controlled kick-out legrest.

Only Collins salon shampoo chairs are equipped standard with a vertical height adjustment.  Just like an office chair, Collins salon shampoo chairs have a gas assist cylinder that raises or lowers the salon shampoo chair by the press of a lever by the person seated in the chair.  While not a true hydraulic all purpose salon chair, this feature is a great asset automatically built into Collins shampoo chairs designed to make your taller and your shorter clients all comfortable while sitting in your Collins salon shampoo chair while you shampoo them.
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